Sunday, October 11, 2009

Oh my, the time has flown!

I cannot believe it's been over a week since my last post! Apologies. I must get back into the groove.

October 9th marked one month of classes for the wonderful ladies of the Montessori Institute of Atlanta 09-10 training course. In that time, my roommate Jesse and I have been through nearly an entire 500 sheet ream of paper. We've finished nearly two black ink cartridges. We recycle furiously and opted to purchase a CASE of recycled paper, to save money AND the earth. It's hard to believe, though, how much money something like this can cost on TOP of tuition. I put it in to perspective by reminding myself that these will be papers that go into my albums, albums which I will use for the rest of my teaching career--but sometimes it's hard to swallow the cost at the output rather than spread throughout an entire career.

A month away from home, i'm feeling very homesick. My big brother and nephew are visiting my Mom and Dad in Columbus this weekend...Nathaniel is off to the wedding of our friend Zach in PA. The world keeps spinning for all of us, and yet, the more it spins, the further it makes me feel from the people I love. I don't have a lot of time to *think* about being homesick, though, and that makes it more bearable. I remind myself, A LOT, that I am doing the right thing...that I am doing something good. Something great, really. Something for myself and for the betterment of the world around me. Something I can be proud of. Something that the people who LOVE me have supported me to do, and are proud of.

But every day at the training center is a new one. There are new things to learn, to discover. We have finished our Practical Life presentations, and moved on to Sensorial--a whole new world of materials and information. Lectures and presentations will be put on hold for a week, however, while we go out on our first round of observations. I am incredibly excited to be out and around children again--I think that it helps bring everything back in to perspective. I'm also so thankful that someone would let me come into their classroom for 8 days and scribble in a notebook.

I will update this week, I promise, with a less scattered post. For now, thanks for reading--and for being part of my journey.

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