Friday, September 11, 2009

My First Week of Primary Training

I am finally connected to the internet, and able to post about the enriching, exhausting, awesome first week of classes that I have.

I am in a class with 33 wonderful women, hailing from 12 different countries on 5 different continents. Some have just finished undergraduate studies, some have just started their families, and some have adult children older than the younger participants in the training. Some of us are just learning to speak english; reading Montessori Theory in Russian, or Spanish, taking lecture notes in a foreign language just to translate them back to English for Theory papers. Some of us are well read...and some of us have not even yet started to read. And yet, here we are, all together, learning about Maria Montessori's beautiful life work. The room is totally full and there are barely enough tables and chairs to fit us all. We are a class twice the size of the one that came before us.

Lectures are incredibly interesting, and well-spoken. The Assistant Trainer lectures approximately twice the speed of the Trainer, but both of them share theory eloquently, with wonderfully chosen quotational support. I leave lectures with cramped hands, but high spirits. At some point, I mentioned working at Hershey, and now, there are a lot of questions about "The School I read about on the internet". But I am happy they are being asked, and glad to know that people see the work of the our community and are inspired...I know I am.

I have been reading a lot, and started working on my first Theory paper last night. It is due Monday. Human Tendencies. I am, I laugh to admit, excited to write this paper. Why? Well, I am sure it won't last, but for now, I can say "I've been waiting for this opportunity!" and mean it. I wanted this. I asked for it. And I am ready to dive headlong into the Great Work that is ahead of me this year.

All of that being said, I am very homesick. I miss my boyfriend, my cat, my family and friends. I can only hope that, if I stay busy, I'll be distracted from it until it is time to see them all again.

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