Friday, September 18, 2009

Week Two: In which our Heroine comes to terms with the task at hand.

Whatever I might have said last week about excitement hasn't changed; but it is certainly tempered with a subtle, lingering tiredness. It is Friday, and I left the training center approximately 8 hours ago...and yet, it already feels dangerously close to Monday, when my second theory paper (The Four Planes of Development) and my first set of Practical Life exercises (Preliminary Exercises) are due. I've worked ahead and thought that I would have time this weekend to continue to do so, but I think that this is it: I think I've gained all the time I could.

This is nothing, compared to next week, when we have two theory papers, a set of exercises, and a material (Native Leaf Cards!) due. So, now we are down to business. Now is when every single moment of my time becomes completely occupied. And yet, this is the first time in a LONG time where just one thing was allowed to be my focus. So, I am rejoicing in that, and planning on many late nights.

We began work in Practical life this week--a not-so-subtle introduction to just *how* your body and movements change when you become a guide. I sat with two lovely, white porcelain bowls in front of me on a tray, one filled with mustard seeds. "Goodness," I thought to myself, "Spooning mustard seeds is very hard!" It's difficult to help the child perfect pincer grip when you yourself have never perfected pincer grip, and so, while I sit around, reminding myself to sit up straight and be aware of my surroundings, I also remind myself to take notes holding the pen in the right way, and to readjust the spoon so it is sitting correctly in my hand. It is enough to make even the most graceful swan seem....not graceful (I am completely out of adjectives, forgive me). The entire experience is humbling. My Trainer and Assistant Trainer are gracious in their supervision and comments, but it certainly lends perspective, sitting next to my friend Julia at a table, discussing exactly how the bowl should or should not be tilted to remove the final seeds. (Note to self: hope to find a tray with legumes the next time you practice.)

Other questions, like just what I need to buy for various material making projects (extra wide double fold bias tape, tea towels, elastic, cardstock), what kind of binders I should purchase for my albums, whether or not I need to buy a home laminating machine, and when my roommate and I will find time to eat float in the periphery of my mind as I try to evaluate my movements (do I turn the doorknob to the left or the right? do I grasp over or under) and record them on paper for my exercises.

Here we go, ladies and gentleman. Seatbelts should be fastened. I am praying I continue to love and appreciate the ride I am on.

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